10 Reasons Darling Way Is Houston’s Best “Sex Shop”

10 Reasons Darling Way Is Houston’s Best “Sex Shop”

On May 9th, we hosted our 2nd Anniversary Celebration here at the shop! We had a great turnout with lots of our valued clients dropping by to show their support, and we even had Fred and AJ broadcasting The Blitz live from the Darling Way cottage. Amongst all the guests, were two employees of a chain of Houston sex stores . They claimed to have shown up to support Beth and her mission, and we welcomed them in.

Before long, one of our team members noticed that the pair were trying to secretly record video of all the products on the shelves. They were literally turning bottles of lube around to ensure they caught a glimpse of the price tags! Beth was notified, and she quickly confronted them and after hearing their lame attempts at excusing their behavior asked them to leave.

They claimed to have shown up to support Beth, but really they are just trying to figure out what makes Darling Way work! The chain of stores that they work for is currently undergoing a rebranding effort, and it appears that Darling Way is the model they want to replicate. We know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but the sleaziness of the whole ordeal was almost unbelievable. If they wanted to scout the competition,all of our products and pricing are available on our website. Instead they chose to show up when they knew we would have a full crowd and would therefore be less likely to notice them.

We were all pretty aghast at the complete lack of respect/ethics/class, but, really, we shouldn’t have been surprised. Sex shops have traditionally been seedy places run by seedy people. That’s why we don’t really believe that Darling Way has any competitors. We may sell some of the same products, but there is no other place that truly focuses on love and romance in the way that we do at Darling Way.

So here are 10 reasons why Darling Way is the best “sex shop” in Houston:

  1. We ARE NOT A Smoke Shop

      Most sex shops in Houston also double as smoke shops selling pipes, vapes, etc. This brings in a different sort of crowd and does not tie into our focus of love and romance so we don’t carry any smoking accessories at Darling Way.

  1. We DO NOT Sell Pornography Or Have A Theatre

   Our Darling cottage in the Heights is cute, cozy, and classy. We don’t sell pornography and there are no private rooms or arcades.

  1. Location Location Location

   Located on the corner of White Oak and Cortlandt right in the middle of the Heights, the Darling Way cottage is cute but unassuming. There are no gaudy neon signs. Instead the yard is bordered by metallic purple hearts and balloons and the large front porch is welcoming. You won’t feel the need to hide or be ashamed when you park and walk into Darling Way.  Once inside, you feel like you are shopping in someone’s home rather than a sleazy Walmart. Also, many of our best clients are our neighbors, and they appreciate that we close at 7pm everyday.

  1. Expertly Curated Selection of Artisan Leather and BDSM Gear

Beth literally travels the world attending various conventions and expos and is always on the look-out for unique high quality leather and BDSM products including crops, floggers, collars, etc. Just check out The Frisky Room 

  1.   Beautiful Lingerie For All Women

At Darling Way, we are big on owning your own sexy power and we try to carry something for everyone with a variety of styles at all price points. We have couture pieces brought back from Paris fashion week, a wide selection of  bridal lingerie, plus size lingerie, and even our own line of mix and match Darling Way bras and knickers. Best of all, you can try it all on in the shop! Couples will literally spend hours in the shop playing dress up, and we love to see how excited they are when they leave! 


5.Sex Education Classes/Seminars

Our sex education workshops at Darling Way are super popular and make for a memorable date night or girls night out! Past classes have included:

Oral 101 (The Blowjob Class)

Couples’ Oral (His and Her oral sex)

Swinging 101

Intro to Sensous Flogging

Turn On With Touch

Shibari Robe Bondage

  1. Bachelorette Parties

 We love to host bachelorette parties at Darling Way! Explore the shop with your girlfriends, play some silly sexy games, ask questions, and of course play dress up! If you want to really spice it up, you can have Beth give a mini-class on any topic you want.

3.The Darling Way Staff

Our staff is not only well trained on all the various products and merchandise, but more importantly they are non-judgemental, attentive, and courteous. We believe in building relationships with our clients, and it shows.  Every person that walks through the door is immediately greeted, offered a drink (water/soda/wine), and given a short tour of the shop if they are first timers. Even if you have never been to a sex shop, the staff at Darling Way will instantly have feeling relaxed and at home. Our staff will help you find what you were looking for and also gently encourage you to explore your boundaries.

  1. Beth Liebling

Beth is the visionary and creator of Darling Way. She’s also an Amazon best-selling author, host of her own radio talk show Love & Laughter with Beth on ESPN 97.5FM Houston, and the driving force behind our mission of bringing more love and romance into every relationship. Everything stems from her sincere desire to help people find more joy, and it is obvious to everyone that meets her.

  1. The Darling Way Experience

Shopping at Darling Way is an experience that is difficult to capture with mere words. It really is the combination of everything, the darling cottage, the attentive and informative staff, the intimate lay out of the shop, and the exquisite lingerie and enticing frisky room, that create an exciting romantic atmosphere that allows clients to lower their guards and open their minds. Once you shop at Darling Way, you won't want to shop at any other adult store again.

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