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Do you have a place that you like to go when you want to relax and escape the realities of life by yourself for a few minutes? Maybe a favorite chair, or a particular place on the sofa, or the bathtub? Wherever it is, close your eyes for a few minutes (set the alarm on your phone if you worry about losing track of time) and feel yourself settling in. Wiggle your toes like you would after you kicked off your shoes. Allow yourself to breathe slowly and deeply as you enjoy the solitude and calm of being where you want to be. Let go of your worries and concerns as you nestle in; this is your place and you can enjoy it to your heart's content. Feel the peace spread within your body as your stress is released. Fully immerse yourself in the moment without thoughts of before or after. Savor the bliss that comes with focusing on only the present. Allow your breath to circulate this delightful feeling to every part of your body. Feel the tingle of pure pleasure that accompanies your breath throughout its journey. Do nothing. Grant yourself the pleasure of your happy place no matter where you actually are.

Life is easier and brighter when we provide ourselves shelter and safe harbor even in tumultuous times. Treat yourself to a few extra minutes this week in your happy place... I am sure that you deserve it and it will be among the most worthwhile things you do.

Happy starts inside.


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