Manly Layers

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Manly Layers

It’s been such a lovely evening. The dinner was fabulous, the ambiance and conversation just perfect. You even held hands and giggled like teenagers for a few blissful moments. Before you know it you are both in your bedroom, lips locked and clothes falling. You step back for a brief moment and in surprise, your mouth drops open. You do a double take staring at his underwear…

Are you staring in shock because, Wow! Your man looks FINE in his stylish unders? If you are lucky enough to be with a man who cares about feeling good from the inside all the way out; I am sure you enjoyed the view of your beloved in little enough to fuel the fires of your desire. The same way I am sure he enjoyed looking at you as the layers peeled away. As your eyes lingered longingly at the site of him, I am sure it was hard not to reach out and touch the fine fabrics appreciatively while caressing your man. It must have been a pleasure to help him make his way out of them. What a perfect end to a romantic date night.

Men want the same thing from their underwear that they want from women: a little bit of support, and a little bit of freedom.
~Jerry Seinfeld

But what if your man hasn’t thought about what he wears in years? Are you staring in shock rather than awe? Are you appalled because his undies are older and way less attractive than your children? If the view of your man was less than satisfying because his underwear was distracting or even worse, off putting, sadly, you aren’t alone. Somehow, when it comes to gorgeous underthings, men have traditionally let women have all the fun. Silly them. Today’s man has choice in what he wears next to his skin, and the choices are much more exciting than the old fashioned, boxer or brief decision of our grandfather’s generation. Today’s styles include those in addition to boxer briefs, athletic briefs, short cuts, long cuts, thongs, jocks, fly or no fly, just to name a few. Of course, it goes without saying that there is also a huge variety of colors, fabrics, and textures available to the modern man. Why should the old adage “The clothes make the man” fail to apply to the unders he wears just as much as his suit?

How beautiful maleness is, if it finds its right expression.
~D.H. Lawrence

Men, if you have replaced your computer more often than you do your unders, please stop what you are doing immediately and do some repair work with the person you love. Throw away the tattered, worn, stretched out briefs or boxers in your wardrobe. Fill your drawer with new, attractive maybe even sexy garments that will feel as good to you as they do your partner. Why let women be the only ones who look good when they remove their professional clothes? Don’t suffer the blahs of putting on dingy old underpants each day! Grin and strut with a soft bamboo fabric like you have never thought possible, or chuckle and saunter with a whimsical stripe pattern decorating your favorite style. Shake it up a bit and enjoy what follows.

Everyone feels better when well dressed from the first layer. Especially when it’s the only layer.

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