Party Games

Party Games

Tired of the same old same old when it comes to holiday parties? Are you bored with the pasted on smiles, the small talk with people you don’t care enough about to see more than once a year? Do you find yourself wishing you had an excuse not to go? Would you like to add a little old fashion fun to your party nights?

It doesn’t take much to make a blah evening into Wow! Try one of these games with your special person during your next gathering and enjoy a bit of frivolity together. You never know what good things happen when couples shake things up a bit:

Feeder/Mouth Game:
Do a coin toss before you leave for the event to decide who is the “Feeder” and who is the “Mouth”. The rules of this game are very easy. Throughout the event, the Mouth is only allowed to eat food served directly to his/her mouth by the Feeder. Finger feeding is highly recommended when possible, even when messy. (Mouth is highly encouraged to lick Feeder’s fingers clean.) However, silverware is allowed to be used by Feeder when etiquette requires. Mouth may request nicely to be fed, but may not feed him/herself, even at sit down meals. It is acceptable to explain the rules of the game to others if both players agree. If either player prefers to be discreet and leave people wondering, then neither shall disclose the rules of the game to anyone at the party until the day after the party. Sometimes, the very idea of sharing a “secret” brings people emotionally closer and acts a bit like a bubble, encapsulating the couple in their own private space despite the other guests nearby. During the game, Feeder is encouraged to stroke Mouth’s face and neck, kiss away any stray food, wipe Mouth tenderly with a napkin or bare hand, tease and tempt Mouth with delicacies that are tasty, decadent and sexy. Laughter and affectionate touches are expected side effects of this game. If they induce a bit of lusty teasing and excitement, well, all the better.

Word Game:
Before leaving for the event, agree on a word or phrase that will be your prompt for the duration. A few suggestions are “holidays”, “happy holiday”, “cheers”, “nice to see you”, “gift”, “New Year’s”, “drink”, your Boss’s name, “football”, but any commonly used word/phrase will do. In fact, the more common the phrase, the more fun will be had. The game is then simple, every time either of you hear the agreed upon prompt, you must kiss each other. If you aren’t together when either of you hears it, you must find each other immediately and exchange a kiss. Hugging/giggling is also allowed but not required. Don’t worry if it’s a long party by the way. People may pretend to get tired of kissing so many times but, the more often you do it, the more you relax into it. The more you relax into it, the better the kisses get. The better the kisses, the more you both enjoy it. The more you enjoy it, the longer they last. The longer they last, the more it warms you from the inside out. Soon, those kisses are encouraging you both to make your excuses because you want to go home and exchange a few private kisses. Now that’s a fun party!

No, No, Nanette: Flip a coin to decide who is “Nanette” for the party. The other person is “Yes, Yes, Yeats”. The only rule of this game is that Nanette may not touch Yeats throughout the event. (No, No!) Meanwhile, Yeats (Yes,Yes!) is allowed and encouraged to touch Nanette frequently. Especially in ways that Nanette enjoys and wants to respond to. For example, while standing making small talk with others, Yeats can gently run his fingers along Nanette’s back inducing little shivers of sensations. If Nanette attempts to pull his hand away to prevent the touch, Yeats should say “No, No, Nanette!” and resume his touching as he wishes while still continuing to make polite conversation with others. While Nanette may find it uncomfortable to be touched regularly without the ability to respond or limit it, this sensation will usually be replaced with excitement as the event proceeds. There can be a thrill in being touched in public while not being responsible for it. Most also appreciate being reminded physically that their partner wants to touch them for no reason other than the exquisite pleasure of the moment. Whether you are Yeats, enjoying the fact that you can tease your partner with delicate touches that inspire yearning for more, or you are Nanette, warming to the touches and trying hard not to indulge an urge to touch back, the evening is spent in the company of others but with a constant, energized, connection to the other. Whether the roles change when the event ends or not, few couples will withstand the desire for further touching after the party.

These games are deliberately simple and can be played by any couple whatever their level of comfort with public displays of affection. The idea isn’t for people to act outrageously, it is for couples to play together in their zone of excitement. Some couples rarely touch in public, so simply holding hands could set their flames flying high. Other couples will push the envelope much farther by stroking a thigh under a skirt at the dinner table. The goal is for each couple to enjoy celebrating their own intimate connection even when they are not alone. Romance often gets left behind when we are faced with social obligations, but these are just a few of the ways that couples can keep sparks flying despite a busy season. By engaging in these seemingly trite games, we highlight the fact that even simple public acts can be beautifully intimate. In our hurried, everyday lives it is easy to overlook the pleasures that are readily available to us. We rarely stop to actually feel the emotions that accompany actions from our loved ones. We fail to recognize the circuit forged by every touch.

Take a chance and try one of these this week at a party, or even just at dinner with your beloved. Laugh about how silly it is as you begin; in fact, laugh the whole time if you like. Just try one and see what happens. It’s hard to imagine how it wouldn’t be fun, but if that happens, please tell me all about it!

These games have no losers; it’s all about win/win! Whether you spend more time laughing or hugging, at the end of the evening, you will have had either a good story or a good time with the one that matters. How can it get any better than that?

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