Weathering the Winter Blues Together

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Weathering the Winter Blues Together

The gray skies, blistery winds and cold temperatures can lead us to withdraw into our own little worlds as we snuggle alone in a comfy blanket with flannel pajamas to keep us warm. This is a great thing to do when we are alone or need some solitude. But if you have a special someone, why not warm them up while they do the same for you?

Here are some easy Hot ideas to chase away the chills:
  • Light a fire (or a few candles) tonight. Find your softest blanket big enough for two and snuggle with your sweetie on the floor, sofa or bed while both wearing your sexiest lingerie/loungewear. (When was the last time you made out on the floor?)
  • Pick a morning that neither of you has anything to rush off to and wake your partner with an unexpected breakfast in bed. Comfort items like their favorite hot beverage and steaming oatmeal convey affection and caring without a huge effort or time. In between sips and bites, give them a few nibbles and kisses of your own. (It’s hard to have a bad day when it starts like this.)
  • Plan a Fondue night for just the two of you. Cheese, chocolate or both is up to you. Make sure you arrange it so that you sit close to each other while you eat so you can feed each other just for fun. (Make the most of the mess, feel free to tenderly wipe or kiss your partner’s face when a dab of cheese or chocolate adorns it.)
  • Turn the lights down low, sit together comfortably and read romantic poems or stories out loud to the other. Go ahead, egg each other on to find the sexiest passages you can! The listener can rate the offerings on a scale of 1-10 kisses given back to the reader :-)
Make this a winter to remember fondly, savor the warmth of the one you love.

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