Love: A Superpower?

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Love: A Superpower?

“Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.” Such are the powers of the amazing Superman. He is awesome, and he looks good in his cape! Who doesn’t want to be like him? Most of us want our own superpower; it would be so cool to rescue people from evil and despair without even messing up your hair.

But wait! Holy Bat Logic! What’s that you say, Robin? What do you mean we all have the Power of Love? We are all superheros? Holy Love Birds, indeed!

As Robin jumped in the Batmobile and hurried off to watch a special Valentine’s Day showing of Titanic with Batman , I was left to ponder his words. Is Love a real Superpower??

What Can Love do?
  • Magic Medicine. Love heals. When a person feels love their body naturally relaxes, inflammation is reduced, happy hormones are released, tension is lessened and healing occurs faster. Time spent with a loved one while they are sick or recuperating can make a big difference in their recovery.
  • Bravery. Love gives us courage. Whether it’s as scary as rushing into a burning building to save someone, as simple as donating blood despite a fear of needles, or as unnoticeable as overcoming a fear of public speaking to toast your best friend at their wedding, love motivates us to do what we otherwise wouldn’t.
  • Brilliance. Love ignites creative expression. One would be hard pressed to find an artistic work of genius that was not directly inspired by love. Whether the work is musical, visual, or written, the underlying fuel is usually the artist’s passionate love. The emotional stirrings of love are often too great to contain within one’s body and escape in ways unique to each of us. How many of us find ourselves penning letters, poems or stories to or about our beloved? Others will draw, doodle or write songs and music, trying to express and make sense of the great emotional swell within our hearts. Love is rarely contained and the world is better for it.
  • Joy. Love makes people happy. Happy people make other people happy. Happy people find more people to love. The circle is infinite and so is love.
  • Inspire. Love encourages optimism. Practicalities and realities seem less significant when we are bathed in love. We feel that we are more capable and can be more successful. We take more chances and worry less. Professional opportunities seem abundant as we open our minds to new ideas and move forward with excited dreams for the future. We feel that all things are possible when we love.
  • Nurture. Love is caretaking. It provides soothing comfort, security, sanctuary. This urge is almost primitive and few people are immune to it. Each of us has seen a grumpy curmudgeon suddenly transform into a picture of tender grace when a newborn baby is put into his arms, or when he takes his wife’s hand as she lays in a hospital bed. The energy changes so swiftly as to be almost palpable. To love and nurture the defenseless may be instinctive; it is certainly incredibly powerful.

I think this list could go on and on and on... Which makes me think that perhaps it’s true. In fact, love might be the greatest superpower ever!

Wow, this is a dream come true for all of us! Woohoo! We each have an amazing superpower! Happy dance, everyone!

Oh, but wait! Now, the hard part…

It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me. ~Bruce Wayne

What will you do with your Superpower?

Will you hide from the fact that you are a Superhero with power to change the world around you?

Will you use it for good or evil? Will you use it daily or only occasionally? Do you have an obligation to share your power with the world? Will you save it for just for special people or will you share it with as many as you can? Will you give it away freely or will you expect something back for it?

Share your superpower stories with us here!

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