Who Says Adults Don't Sext?

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Who Says Adults Don't Sext?

Sexting:  noun, To send suggestive text messages back and forth

Sexting isn’t just for young people - it’s for anyone who wants to send a little spark to a special someone.  It’s a virtual tease; sometimes an invitation, sometimes a “nanny nanny boo boo” you can’t have this” torture…  Sexting can be words or pictures or combinations.  

If you are in a relationship and aren’t using all the technology easily available to you, you might be missing out on an easy and fun way to add some vibrancy and fun to your life.  

Sexting doesn’t have to be outrageous, embarrassing photos that would make you crawl in a hole if your family saw them.  Sexting can be flirty and silly and totally harmless, yet still meaningful and intimate.  As is true with romance, everyone is entitled to their own idea about what is hot and what’s not.  You don’t have to be obscene to write some really thrilling sexts.  

For example, these are very nicely naughty:

  • When you get home I am going to take you in my  arms and kiss you deeply.
  • You made my toes tingle last night, do you think you can do it again tonight? 
  • I am having trouble concentrating today because all I can think about is touching you.  
  • When you kissed me this morning you missed a spot...
  • I hope you are feeling lucky tonight…
  • It’s cold outside but I will keep you warm tonight.
  • When I think of how much fun we had last night, I blush!
  • If you haven’t sent your partner messages like this before, or in a while, you might be surprised how happy they will be to receive them.  And you might really be happy about what you get back in response :)

    If these seem tame to you but you don’t know how to take it to the next level, just add in a more suggestive word or two such as :  excited, hot, wet, passion, lust, desire, urge, hard.  By the time you master these words, you will be a sexting pro!  In fact, if you want to share your most clever sexts with us, we will share those appropriate enough for public viewing :)

    Of course, you can also sext with pictures, but we will have to talk about that another time!  

    If you are ready to jump into, or amp up your sexting life, here are a few thoughts for you to keep in mind:  

    Take Your Time.    Pay careful attention when you are sending romantic messages.  Try to train yourself not to hit send until you have reviewed your recipient and the message.  This is probably easier for most of you than it is me, but it’s wise to take even more time than usual despite any nervousness you might have about being unusually flirtatious.
    Take a Chance. Even if you aren’t generally a flirty person, try sexting once in awhile.  If you feel a bit silly, don’t let that stop you.  Going outside your comfort zone is a good things sometimes, and especially if your relationship has become too comfortable.  Sexting is a chance to relate to each other in a new way, and it’s easier to do this virtually than face to face.  While the best sexts are casual and not too obviously orchestrated, the fact is that you do have the ability to rewrite and edit your messages before you send them which again makes it much easier than flirty talk face to face with no time to “practice”.  
    Blush and Move On.  It’s not the end of the world if you accidentally send the wrong message to the very wrong person.  In fact, it’s not even the first time or the hundred thousandth time.  Everyone has blown it once or twice, just be prepared to laugh it off when it happens.  Enjoy the fact that you have sexy funny things happening in your life.  Apologize with pride to any surprised recipients; don’t be embarrassed to admit that your beloved inspires romantic overtures from you. Embrace the fact that sexting means you aren’t too old for excitement and that you are far from boring.
    Don’t give up!  Even if you or your partner is a little uncomfortable at first, just keep trying.  Remember how they reacted when you got a new hairstyle? It takes a bit to adjust when someone you love shifts in their approach to things, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, just new.  It’s ok if you send flirty messages and your partner doesn’t quite know how to respond right off the bat.  You might have thought for hours or days about whether you could sext them, give them the courtesy of time to open their mind to the exciting possibilities as well.  
    How to Start.  Easy, peasy.  If you can’t think of a fun message to start the ball rolling, feel free to send your beloved a copy of this article along with a little note attached such as…
    “Darling, I got some wonderful ideas from this blog and hope you will too. I can’t wait to have some virtual fun together soon!”  Follow up a few hours later with another teaser about what might happen that night and I think you will find that both of you are sexting fans already.  

    Happy Sexting to All!  

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