Cars and Sex: A Wheel Good Time!

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Cars and Sex: A Wheel Good Time!

Are you surprised by that (according to a study from a small midwestern university), 61% of men and 59.5% of women said that they’ve had sex in a parked car?  Can you believe that a whopping 14% of those people said they lost their virginity in a car?  Given these facts, we can understand why so many midlife crisis involve the purchase of a new “hot rod”. Lol.

Clearly, cool vehicles are a good starting point for those looking for love and sexy fun.  

 And while I’m not a huge car fanatic, that doesn’t mean that a sleek, red hot motor doesn’t rev my internal engine a bit. After all, the deep, throaty roar of a muscle car can’t help but conjure up all sorts of powerful and possibly romantic feelings, just like a lion’s roar. It’s impossible to ignore.  

Now to be fair, I’ve been thinking about cars a lot these days, because my middle son has recently launched his new virtual car show business called Topmarq

Quinn has loved cars (especially fast ones!) since he was a kid, and you can imagine how excited I am to watch him combine his personal passion and professional talents to help others indulge their own passion. 

Because just as I help people fulfill their romantic desires, Quinn is helping people satisfy their automotive desires, lol.  After all, a motor head without car shows is almost as frustrated as a heart without love.  So, Quinn’s goal is to help the many Houston car shows host their cancelled events online to bring back some engine entertainment to those who have a need for speed, even if they’re stuck at home. So, if you’re looking for a car show this weekend that’s the place to go!

 But me being me, it got me thinking about the connection between cars and relationships. 

After seeing the results from the study I think there’s no arguing - cars play a big part in our love lives.  People of all ages still get turned on by cars. We find ways to get it on in the backseats (or front!) of cars despite the lack of drive-in theaters, strictly enforced “parking” laws,  and even the popularity of much smaller cars. (Anyone tried to have sex in a Smart car? I’d love to hear those stories, lol. Good flexibility must be required!)

Oh… do you know that one of the arguments against self driving cars is the concern that even more people will be “messing around” while (not!) driving! Hahahaha!!! 

In case you’re curious… a Bustle article disclosed that not all positions are equal when it comes to car sex. Cowgirl was the winner of most popular position, with doggie style, reverse cowgirl and missionary rounding out the top four.  And, fyi, 69 came in as the least popular, no surprises there, right? You’d have to be a gymnast to make that happen in modern day cars! 

If you’re thinking about taking a sexy spin, location is key! You might own the car, have the necessary consent of your navigator, but that’s not enough to guarantee your right to privacy.  Since getting caught ruins the fun, please be careful!!!  I love to hear great love stories, but few of them include tickets for public indecency or exposure, lol. And while there are a lot of people who totally enjoy the thrill of hiding in a car in a public place (studies found that parking lots are the most popular while parking garages were the least popular), don’t forget that cameras are popular these days so it’s not enough to keep watch for people, you gotta be prepared to smile all the time!  

Wishing you miles and miles of (safe) love and laughter and sexy fun! 



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