7 Steps To Easy Prostate Pleasure | Don’t knock it till you try it!

7 Steps To Easy Prostate Pleasure | Don’t knock it till you try it!


In my last blog post, The Male P Spot, we reviewed why prostate massage is important to a man’s health and well being so my recommendation for every man is, don’t knock it till you try it...and I want to give you suggestions for how to do just that.

  1. DIY works just fine, but using the right tools will make everything easier.  And just like with breakfast cereals, generic brands are often not as good.  So don’t be penny wise and pound foolish, Aneros is the leading manufacturer of prostate massagers and they are deserving of their place because their products are superb.  In fact, the Aneros company got its start serving the medical community, they use only FDA approved materials and their products are patented under the category of "medical-surgical internal pressure applicators". It is absolute truth that prostate massage is an important part of maintaining prostate health.

  2. Using the right prop for your prostate massage will increase your pleasure and be easier than you can imagine.  And the Aneros products are sized just right based on their years of research as a medical device company. They will fit most men brilliantly.  And, it's shape usually gives just the right pressure to the gland. They are anatomically tailored to the male body and the design is patented.  The Aneros devices are ultra safe to use because you can not put them in too far or apply excessive pressure when used correctly.Each model is slightly different, but the Helix Trident is the most popular for beginners.

  3. When using a prostate massager, you must use a high quality, long lasting silicone, or hybrid lube. Without digressing too far right now, suffice it to say that all lubes are not created equal and your body deserves to be treated well so if you aren’t sure how to choose a good lube, feel free to ask any of us for recommendations. 

  4. Before inserting, make sure you empty your bladder so you don’t confuse the new sensations with a need to urinate.  Then apply lube around the anal opening (and inside a bit if you are comfortable inserting the tip of your finger), and coat the prop with lube.  The easiest way to do this is put a few drops of lube in the palm of your hand and then roll the massager around inside your closed hand as you might a corn on the cob.  Once it is slippery, it can be slowly and gently inserted into the anus whenever you are ready. Remember there is no urgency or time limit to beat, so lay on your back with your knees bent, breathe slowly but deeply and release any tension from your body as though you were about to meditate. You are in total control, there is no hurry, there is newfound pleasure waiting for you whenever you are ready.  If it’s not today, no worry. You can look forward to tomorrow.  It’s simply up to you.  Promise yourself that you won’t even try to insert the massager until your rectal muscles are relaxed. Then, let your mind go.  Think about whatever turns you on. Enjoy visualizing whatever you like to see. Spend a few minutes indulging your sexy imagination. Appreciate that when it comes to this line of activity, you are a virgin again. It’s the coolest thing to be mature and know that there are still so many new things to experience in life! Let the excitement and anticipation build.   It doesn’t matter if it’s the idea that this is a new and possibly “naughty” area of pleasure for you, or that your partner has instructed you to pleasure yourself this way, or if you have simply heard how exciting prostate stimulation can be, just relax and smile at the thrill of doing something for you that should feel good and be good for you.  It’s a total win/win.

  5. Once the prop is far enough inside that the curved exterior is comfortably lodged against your perineum, or “taint” (the area that ain’t the balls or the anus, lol), your “work” is done.  The massager will work each time you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles (sphincter/kegel muscles). These muscle contractions will move the prop over your gland and apply pressure to it which will massage and stimulate the gland's neural plexus (nerve center). At the same time, the external knobs will apply gentle exterior pressure to the prostate as well. This may feel a bit strange to you but it should be only a rather mild sensation of something unusual.  After a few minutes of getting used to the newness of the experience, you may realize it is actually pleasurable.  The best thing is, there are no bad choices now! You can do nothing and just enjoy hands free pleasure by contracting your muscles and feeling the movement of the prop, you or your partner can manually stimulate whatever part of your body you wish while enjoying the additional stimulation of your prostate, or you and your partner can enjoy oral or penetrative sex together. (You may never have noticed how often you contract your pelvic muscles during these activities before, but you will now!) Whatever you choose to do, there is no hurry and no necessary “result”.  If you orgasm, you may find the sensations more intense and affecting more of your body than you are used to.  Some men describe it as a more whole body experience than a penis centered climax. If you don’t reach orgasm, don’t feel bad. The point is to feel good and explore your body in a way that is comfortable for you and that means you must feel in control of when to start and stop.  Don’t set expectations other than to be respectful of your enjoyment.

  6. After a prostate massage session, you may feel like you had a workout. Because there were so many nerves and muscles excited, you might even be a little exhausted. But it should be a satisfied and happy tired.  Your body might even feel a bit more relaxed even in it’s tired state. However, if you have had any prostate discomfort before this, don’t be surprised if you feel a bit sore for a day or two after the massage… like people do after a successful physical therapy session. If you were gentle (the reason for a well suited prostate massager prop) a bit of soreness tells you that you made an impact.  You increased the blood flow to the gland and relieved any congestion. The increased blood flow brought a fresh supply of nutrients and oxygen to the gland and it now has a chance to heal and maintain itself better than when it was stagnant. Like the rest of your body, healthy and regular stimulation of your prostate will minimize the chances of future inflammation, soreness and pain.

  7. After your session, be sure to drink lots of water to allow yourself to flush whatever toxins were flushed from your gland and eat some protein at your next meal. Allow yourself a few days in between prostate massage sessions unless otherwise directed by your doctor.  You want to think of your prostate like your muscles, you need to allow it recovery time and slow repetitions to develop in a healthy manner.



How to Use Aneros Prostate Massager to Increase your Orgasm! (Video Training)



Be prepared to feel more physically fit and energetic when your prostate is getting the care and attention it deserves.  Realize that ignoring it for so long is like going to the gym for years and working your arms and legs but not your core.  A man’s prostate is as important to his overall health as the rest of his body.  But working out and staying healthy has probably never been as much fun!


  • Dan

    Thank you for sharing this. Not only are guys afraid to stimulate their prostate, they are afraid of what others may think. Aneros had the best products in my opinion but there are others out there so experiment, I do.

    Best advice is not only to empty bladder but bowels too. Also set aside a good hour to just lay there stimulating without touching. It takes practice and it’s well worth it.

  • Kevin Monclova

    I have seen the Aneros products for years but have never thought to use them. I did not realize that some were made to be hands free. I never new until these past two blogs the importance of stimulating the prostate. I appreciate the wisdom you send my way. Hugs!

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