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There's only one thing you are ever really too damn old for...

What are you waiting for?



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Are you single and happy with your romantic life in its current state? Are you actively seeking to improve things? Do your actions reflect your desires? Or, are you really just paying lip service and staying safe while hoping that love and romance will simply strike you like lightening? It isn’t unusual for people to express interest in having more of something without actually following through. But, if you really want a new romantic interest, why not pursue these things just as you would a new job? That is, seriously. Outwardly. Intentionally. Openly. Honestly. Respectfully. Boldly.There should be no shame...

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This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to speak at the esteemed Fenway Health in Boston. I was thrilled and humbled to partner with the devoted team from this outstanding organization. Fenway Health has been a shining star for over 40 years, providing services and a voice to a community that the rest of the medical profession was so hesitant to address. I couldn’t believe that I was lucky enough to be part of their story even in a tiny way.

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