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Are you single and happy with your romantic life in its current state? Are you actively seeking to improve things? Do your actions reflect your desires? Or, are you really just paying lip service and staying safe while hoping that love and romance will simply strike you like lightening? It isn’t unusual for people to express interest in having more of something without actually following through. But, if you really want a new romantic interest, why not pursue these things just as you would a new job? That is, seriously. Outwardly. Intentionally. Openly. Honestly. Respectfully. Boldly.There should be no shame...

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Our first White Linen on White Oak night was more fun than we ever imagined!  Tina and I want to thank everyone who came out to join us, our business neighbors who organized and supported the event, Laurelei our talented face painter, and our amazing performers - Knotty Acrocats and Nikki Knockout.  Everything about the night was fantastic and everyone had a blast!   Lastly, huge thanks to Barely Remember Productions who made sure we can enjoy the memories forever by putting together this amazing highlight reel. White Linen on White Oak Drive Night from Barely Remember Productions on Vimeo....

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