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Everyone, including you, can have more romance in life with just a little bit of effort and without spending a lot.  Random Acts of Romance are longed for by so many, but enacted by so few.  Don’t let your relationship languor … Act now, act often, and enjoy more.  

If you aren’t sure what you can do to create more romance with your beloved, we offer three simple Random Acts of Romance that you can make happen now.

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What good is a date night if it doesn’t involve at least a few exciting sizzles and sparks?  Remember when you were young with a pile of debt and problems trailing you constantly, but when you went on a date, your worries faded away completely?  You would get so caught up in the excitement of the moment and the sizzling chemistry between you and your date that the rest of the world ceased to matter.  You might have been so broke that a date was simply escaping together to  hold hands by the pond in the moonlight, but even that...

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Life is a cabaret, old Chum… What a fantastic song. What a fantastic truism.Going to the theater is so exciting because it fuels our mind, heart and body. The thrill begins in our minds as we book our tickets, and anticipate the event. Our entry into the theater kicks the excitement into high gear physically, often causing a little burst of adrenaline which helps our minds focus on the moment rather than the real world outside. We are prepped and ready to be immersed in the show awaiting us. If one pays attention, it is almost possible to hear this...

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Ever notice that some parts of your body are more “sensitive” than others?  Some people have “ticklish” feet, others may jump three feet off the ground if their neck is touched.  Every body has it’s hot spots, do you know where yours are? As children, we probably learned to avoid attention to these areas because of the intensity of the sensations; most of us learned to call these interactions “tickling”. The feelings that accompanied the physical sensations were frequently deemed unpleasant because they were out of our control and usually inflicted in a context not created for our pleasure, but...

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In this age of rechargeable everything, why do people forget that relationships need recharging as much, if not more, than their phone? We are sympathetic when our phone runs out of juice, we understand that output requires input so we plug it in with confidence that it will be fully charged and ready to work with us again sometime soon. Neither we or our phone bears ill will towards the other; we fail to appreciate that the phone doesn’t hold it against us that we used up every ounce of its power without giving anything back… Relationships are a totally...

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