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Sometimes it’s funny in life how one hears about something and never really stops to think about what it actually is or why it’s important. From an early age, we grow up hearing jokes about men going to the doctor and being told to turn their head and cough while their rear end is invaded by a doctor’s finger.  Some of us learn that this is done to check the prostate, a soft, walnut-shaped gland below a man’s bladder, but many of us may not even hear the term or understand it correctly. Few people actually understand anything about why the prostate is...

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In the confusion about sexuality that pervades our culture, it’s easy to simply lump any retail business that addresses romance and physical intimacy as an “adult store” or “sex shop”; but at Darling Way it is our mission to break the mold and provide a warm, personalized, and inviting environment for those seeking to explore romantic treasures of all kinds. The historic, stereotypical  “adult” business maintains a focus that is based primarily on “orgasm”.  The product selection is geared towards this end result with no thought accorded to emotional meaning, thus there may be hundreds of vibrators, dildos, and a variety of other sex toys lining the walls with little differentiation offered.

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