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It’s been such a lovely evening. The dinner was fabulous, the ambiance and conversation just perfect. You even held hands and giggled like teenagers for a few blissful moments. Before you know it you are both in your bedroom, lips locked and clothes falling. You step back for a brief moment and in surprise, your mouth drops open. You do a double take staring at his underwear…

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We are ready to blow the lid off the secrecy about lubes.   The day has come to begin openly talking about how much better intimacy can be with a healthy dose of a quality lube.  It's time for women to break the silence that has surrounded the topic of vaginal dryness just as years ago they breached the barriers that kept people from discussing menstruation and conception.  How is it possible that so many intelligent, successful people are suffering from painful intercourse when the solution is so readily available?  The cone of silence must be lifted and the word must be spread amongst all... Lubes are for Real Women!  Lube makes sexy time happy time for all!  Lube is wet, slippery and sexy! Yay for Lube! 

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In case you need another reason to kiss someone special today, now you can call it a beauty treatment!   It seems that kissing uses 30 muscles which helps keep the face tight.  We think that means that the more you kiss, the less likely your cheeks will sag. Wait, there's more!  Extra bonus for serious kissing: the muscle tension caused by a passionate kiss helps smooth the skin and increase circulation.  So for your face's sake, kiss someone special today!

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