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Do people with green thumbs find it easier to give passion the ongoing attention necessary to allow it to thrive? Are they as careful tending to their passionate life as they are to their plants? Or might they avoid responsibility for their sex life like I ignore plants?

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Have you ever had that incredibly wonderful feeling of thinking that you knew just what your loved one wanted or needed at a particular time? And then acting on that thought even though there was a little part of you that was worried you might be rebuffed? And then, after taking that chance and risking your ego/heart, having them respond to you with a lovely sigh of relief, a loving smile and a rush of love flowing back at you that almost knocks you over because it fuels your feelings of pride, delight and satisfaction because you “got” them. You “read” them and “knew” what they wanted. You were right. You were able to take care of someone who matters so much to you, even if it was just for a moment or two, or twenty. It’s bliss. It’s a high. It’s addicting.  

I experienced a moment like that this week.

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Are you kidding? Be Grateful for…Heartbreak? Argh. It may always be painful- but if you treat it right, your capacity for love and empathy can actually expand.

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Everyone, including you, can have more romance in life with just a little bit of effort and without spending a lot.  Random Acts of Romance are longed for by so many, but enacted by so few.  Don’t let your relationship languor … Act now, act often, and enjoy more.  

If you aren’t sure what you can do to create more romance with your beloved, we offer three simple Random Acts of Romance that you can make happen now.

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Online dating is up there with pizza delivery as one of the best inventions of the modern world! Why would anyone complain about the idea of being able to meet hundreds of potential partners from any comfy chair with a computer or phone at the ready? Let’s be real, even if you filled a stadium with thousands of single people, it would be harder to search among them for your top ten than it is on any dating site. So, if you are single but aren’t taking full advantage of online sites by putting your best profile forward, we want to help! Follow these simple rules to make sure you are meeting people that you want to meet:

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