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Online dating is up there with pizza delivery as one of the best inventions of the modern world! Why would anyone complain about the idea of being able to meet hundreds of potential partners from any comfy chair with a computer or phone at the ready? Let’s be real, even if you filled a stadium with thousands of single people, it would be harder to search among them for your top ten than it is on any dating site. So, if you are single but aren’t taking full advantage of online sites by putting your best profile forward, we want to help! Follow these simple rules to make sure you are meeting people that you want to meet:

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There's only one thing you are ever really too damn old for...

What are you waiting for?



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What good is a date night if it doesn’t involve at least a few exciting sizzles and sparks?  Remember when you were young with a pile of debt and problems trailing you constantly, but when you went on a date, your worries faded away completely?  You would get so caught up in the excitement of the moment and the sizzling chemistry between you and your date that the rest of the world ceased to matter.  You might have been so broke that a date was simply escaping together to  hold hands by the pond in the moonlight, but even that...

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Life is a cabaret, old Chum… What a fantastic song. What a fantastic truism.Going to the theater is so exciting because it fuels our mind, heart and body. The thrill begins in our minds as we book our tickets, and anticipate the event. Our entry into the theater kicks the excitement into high gear physically, often causing a little burst of adrenaline which helps our minds focus on the moment rather than the real world outside. We are prepped and ready to be immersed in the show awaiting us. If one pays attention, it is almost possible to hear this...

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Are you single and happy with your romantic life in its current state? Are you actively seeking to improve things? Do your actions reflect your desires? Or, are you really just paying lip service and staying safe while hoping that love and romance will simply strike you like lightening? It isn’t unusual for people to express interest in having more of something without actually following through. But, if you really want a new romantic interest, why not pursue these things just as you would a new job? That is, seriously. Outwardly. Intentionally. Openly. Honestly. Respectfully. Boldly.There should be no shame...

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