8 Ways To Spice Up Your Valentine's Day | According to your friendly neighborhood sexpert.

Original Article Published in Houstonia Mag Feb 2019:

By Abby Ledoux  1/28/2019 at 12:00am




"BETH LIEBLING isn’t your typical sex shop owner. The Cornell-educated, 50-something mother of five was a family law attorney with her own solo practice before opening Darling Way in 2016.

Housed in a cozy Heights cottage, the business is more upscale boutique than Adam & Eve, with an approachable atmosphere. “Darling Way is the shop I wanted to shop in,” says Liebling, “but it didn’t exist. I realized, I want this, and if I want this, other people want it.”

It was Liebling’s divorce—following 25 years of marriage—that sparked her midlife about-face. She decided to learn to talk about her desires. “When I was married, I might get something from an adult store,” she says, “but I would be so embarrassed when I brought it home, it would just sit in a drawer. And it didn’t help.”"



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