Meet Robert and Chip...

Meet Robert and Chip...


While Darling Way has a rich history and a solid client base, many may not be familiar with the two people taking on the challenge of building and expanding the brand. Together since 2014 and married during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, Chip and Robert have been through a lot together.

At the end of 2015, when the local leather store shut its doors, they knew there would be a hole in the community and in their hearts. So they opened The Montrose Forge.

They are a local small business founded for one reason: They love kink and the kink community. With roots in the leather and kink communities, they believe they provide a unique perspective that can help bring only the best products to their customers. From custom leather gear to popular brands, The Montrose Forge was designed to help you get forged in kink.

Chip has a personal connection to fashion and leather, being that his mother was a seamstress who made ends meet for their family. Frequently, her clients included drag performers who also happened to have a kinky side. Chip learned to sew, working on wedding dresses to drag pageant gowns, and leather motorcycle chaps to leather vests. His passion for the craft has allowed him to design and produce some fantastic garments, many of which have become a staple in the local Houston leather community. But he owes all his creativity to his mother and her support and love.

Together, they have been honored to sponsor several local, regional, and international title contestants and provide them with not only quality leather/kink gear but with their unending support. On a local level, they make and donate the title patches for the First Family of Montrose contests which are fundraising titles that support the local community. They have also been blessed to receive the Business of the Year Award at the Houston Spirit of Leather Awards, voted on by our community, several years running!

So, why did they choose Darling Way? Well, they met Beth! Her energy and passion for Darling Way and her clients is refreshing, especially since they have so much in common! They all wanted to make sex exciting, fun and remove the fear of the unknown from the equation. They share the belief that everybody and every body is sexy, beautiful, and deserving of mind-blowing sex!

Chip and Robert want to continue this set of values, applying their combined three decades of retail experience, and help Darling Way and their clients grow and expand to new horizons. After all, life is worth living... beautifully.

Chip and Robert are thrilled to be taking the torch of Darling Way from Beth as she pursues her goals in education and media. But they cannot do it alone! They are excited to get to know their new clients, build friendships, and find out how to best serve them in the months and years to come!

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