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5,000 Years of Foreplay


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5000 Years of Foreplay Text by Ira Wallach. 1976/NY/Wm. Morrow & Co. 130 pages. 5.75x8.5" Hardcover. Illustrated by Mischa Richter.

Complete & Unabridged Illustrated Edition.

1. Yussuf ibn Farad, Essene Swinger
2. Sexual Positions and How to Get Out of Them Without Injury
3. Sex Kits for Sex Kittens and Tabbies
4. Sexercies
5. Orgasms and Other Noisemakers
6. The Naked Ape: Our Sexual Fantasies
7. Venery Is for Two: But Can We Say the Same for Concupiscience?
8. The Doughnuts of Aphrodite
9. The Tie-Dyed Penis
10. Masturbation for Middle America
11. You and Your Loudmouth Body
12. Everything You Weren't Afraid to Ask about Sex
13. The Peripatetic Penis and the Nomadic Clitoris
14. Releasing the Horny Child Inside All of Us
15. Beat Me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar
16. The Orifice Party
17. Death of a Hero
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