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His & Her Oral: The Power of Pleasing Workshop


$ 100.00


-Is oral pleasure a “special occasion only” activity in your relationship?  

-Do you think using your mouth to pleasure your lover is all about them, not you?

-Would you like more, or more exciting, sexy fun in your relationship?

-Are you or your partner a little uncomfortable giving or receiving oral love?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this workshop is for you!

It sounds too good to be true, but this couple’s workshop can completely change the way you think about oral fun!

“I didn’t know talking about sex could be this easy and so much fun!”

Don’t worry if you are so unused to people talking about sex that you blush just thinking about it, that’s how most of our clients are until they find us.  But, if you’ll take a chance and join us, you’ll find that it’ll only take a few minutes before you’ll find yourself relaxed and laughing about how much loving fun is ahead of you.  

You and your partner will have a blast while learning:

  • How to make oral passionately exciting
  • The art of turning yourself on while giving oral pleasure
  • Why oral sex matters so much even if you’re having good “regular sex”
  • The realities about tastes, smells and hygiene concerns
  • How it can create significantly more meaningful emotional intimacy
  • How to talk openly and honestly with your partner about hangups and turn-ons
  • Ways to address and reduce discomfort
  • Different positions, angles and access that provide greater excitement
  • The truth about 69!
  • Beth’s warm and humorous approach to life and love will ensure that you’ll both learn some new skills, and feel comfortable sharing your questions, desires, fears and hopes about giving and receiving oral pleasure.

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    Admission: $100 per couple

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