Aneros Learning Center - Unisex


Unisex Peridise

The patented Aneros Peridise is an anal toy that moves via one’s voluntary and involuntary muscle contractions of the anal canal. The Peridise strengthens a user’s PC sphincter muscles while at the same time stimulating small muscles and nerves of the anal canal for prolonged anal orgasms (for men and women) and Super-Os (for men).

The Peridise initiates a peristaltic (involuntary undulating waves) response in the rectum and anal canal by pushing itself up as the rectum tries to push it out.
The concept behind the Peridise is that the body will naturally attempt to eject anything placed inside the rectum. When this occurs, the curves of the Peridise naturally pulls it back up into the anal cavity. It is this cycle of eject/push repeated very quickly that initiates the peristaltic response. At the same time, the Peridise itself is moving around, stimulating everything it touches. In addition, this movement increases the blood flow to the entire region.  The combination of the peristaltic response, anal stimulation, and increased blood flow facilitates one achieving long lasting and repeatable pleasurable anal spasms.  It really is a revolutionary approach to anal play.
A user continues to strengthen his/her PC sphincter and small muscles of the anal canal as they use the Peridise. The stronger the muscles, the more control they will have over the Peridise. The smaller Peridise devices will move more in the anal canal, providing more stimulation than the larger sizes. So a new users or users with weak PC sphincter muscles should start their training with the larger Peridise and work their way down to the smaller sizes.
Many users have written that they can’t believe that something so small can provide so much pleasure. Just like with our Aneros prostate massagers, movement is the key here. Experienced users are able to make the Peridise dance in the anal canal.   Only a product this size could initiate an involuntary response in the anal canal.  The combination of voluntary and involuntary contractions and resulting movement is how the Peridise gives a user such unique and sustained pleasure.  The Peridise flips the notion of “bigger is better” on its head. In this case, smaller is actually better.