1001 Ways to Be Romantic

Study the art of romance. Tried and true techniques and tips will make you an expert in no time. Go ahead, surprise your lover with selfless acts of romance!

From the Publisher
"1001 Ways to be Romantic is full of the most creative ideas for adding romance to your life. From the easy and inexpensive to the wild and extravagant, anyone will be able to find lots of suggestions in this easy to read book." - marriedromance.com


"Not all of us can claim to be romantic, but most of enjoy romance. For those who could use a creative boost, we recommend 1001 Ways To Be Romantic. This book is literally filled with over 1000 suggestions for being more romantic and the suggestions are broken down into about 100 categories to make selection easier. Sample topics include Chocolates, Valentine's Day, Erotica, Family Stuff, Do's and Don'ts, For Men (Women) Only, Togetherness, Off The Wall, No Cost Gestures, Great Escapes, and Romance Coupons. How many of you could be this creative?
" - Addlongmont.com

"When's she's traveling, arrange with an airline flight attendant to have a gift or flower delivered to her after the flight is airborne." "Go through revolving doors together." There are a thousand ways to whisper, "I love you," but probably just as many ways to botch the message. Fortunately, relationship coach Gregory Godek is here to sharpen our romantic vocabulary with an entire arsenal of love arrows. A revised edition of a resilient romantic favorite.

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