Ann Snake Skirt

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We've been bitten by this uniquely gorgeous skirt and it's hot, hot, hot! Even if you've never been so bold before, this tastefully wild snake print skirt is the way to stand out in all the best ways.  Pair this beautifully with our Emilia Crepe Blouse, or any other black top/blazer and your normal workday will be energized, even before you head straight out for a night on the town. The golden zipper opens from the bottom up which leaves the modesty level up to you. On each front side, two false pockets decorate the skirt. You can wear it with a belt or not as you prefer. All in all, whether you like a bold, powerful look, or a well covered but suggestive look- this skirt will get you where you want to be.  Two way stretch, suedette, python print in a mid thigh length. Comfort and glamour!