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Bachelorette Parties and Lingerie Showers are always a blast at Darling Way! If you are looking for a special and unique idea to celebrate an upcoming wedding, you've found it!

Contact us at now to start planning your bachelorette party or lingerie shower now.


 Rather than charging a fee to host the party, we only require a $500 deposit at the time of booking that serves as a minimum purchase guarantee. The $500 will be available as store credit at the time of event and is usually used to purchase lingerie and other gifts for the bride.

Darling Way is full of fun and sexy treasures that really get the imagination going. Book a bachelorette party and you and your guests (up to 15) will have the cottage to yourself for 2 hours! 

How the time is spent is up to you, but generally there is a bit of a meet and greet while guests explore the shop. Trust us, the cottage is full of fun conversation starters! Then the bride takes her favorites and plays "dress up" while being cheered on and encouraged by her friends. 

Darling Way will provide wine/champagne/soft drinks. You are welcome to bring in light food/snacks.



Add A Mini-Workshop Taught By Darling Way Founder| Best Selling Author | Radio Personality Beth Liebling - $250


 Beth is a former divorce attorney turned love and relationship coach and speaker. She is the Amazon Best Selling author of Love and Laughter: Sexy Meaningful Fun For Everyone, and former host of Love and Laughter on ESPN 97.5FM Houston. She regularly hosts a range of workshops at Darling Way and would be happy to create one around whatever you, or your guests, want to talk about!