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If You Can't Say Anything Nice... THEN SIT NEXT TO ME!

Exclusively for Daftboy: BoBo Bear brings you all the judgments! 

Bobo Bear is a former supermarket worker who dreamed to draw, bought some pencils, moved to London and now is a popular gay bear artist. Bobo’s colorful characters are sexy, goofy and joyful.

Features: A lightweight fabric with a warm print. We use a lightweight bamboo rib with a solid rivet to give a lasting thwoorp / snap.


  • 13" of Fans Closed. Opens to 24.5 Inches
  • High-Quality Light Weight Bamboo
  • Hammered Rivet Attachment. We don't use screws or pop rivets like others do. 
  • Exclusive Design
  • Long Lasting
  • Perfect for inside jokes.