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Determined to Thrive after Sexual Trauma

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No matter where you are in your healing from sexual trauma, we will provide safe harbor for all of your feelings. We will support one another with our words and encouragement and sisterhood. We will remind ourselves that we are not alone in our suffering and we will find solace and comfort in companionship no matter what. We will love and respect that our bodies need to heal as well, and we will indulge them through expressive movement led by April K. Please bring whatever you would like to drink or snack on (sharing is always welcomed but never required); wear comfortable active wear, workout clothes or yoga attire; feel free to bring your yoga mat if you would like. If you need to come late, just let us know and that's fine - we want to make this helpful, not stressful. Bring your heart no matter how battered or bruised it is... and never forget your sense of humor even if it's under lock and key. Whether we laugh or cry or both- doing it together will feel better than doing it alone.

We will have regular monthly meetings and will work together to pick the best days and times so even if this first meeting isn't totally convenient for you, please try to make it so you can have a say in when future meetings will be. (if it's impossible for you to make it, please feel free to post your preferences and we will try to consider all options.)

Free event. Limited availability. Email us at to reserve your spot now.

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