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Eve's Secrets - A New Theory of Female Sexuality by Josephine Lowndes Sevely

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Psychologist Sevely challenges the traditional view of sexuality which assumes male anatomy and responses are the standard, to which the female must be compared/contrasted. Sevely reconstructs evidence that seems to have been well known in ancient and traditional cultures but lost in modern patriarchal onesthat the male and female are strikingly similar in both sexual structure and sexual function. Drawing on results of a seven-year study she conducted at Harvard, as well as a variety of sources from different disciplines, she explains how her discovery of "Lowndes crowns" in both men and women revises our understanding of anatomy and suggests a new theory of orgasm. The text is readable if somewhat repetitive. (Illustrations not seen.) For academic and specialized collections. Beverly Miller, Boise State Univ. Lib., Id.  Copyright 1987 Reed Business Information, Inc

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