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From Good Girl To Sexy Siren: The Secrets To Being A Great Lover Workshop

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October 2018

Every girl grows up wanting to be good… but we are told that the bad girls have more fun…

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be a good girl having as much fun as the wildest of women?

This is your chance to do exactly that!

Darling Way is offering an exciting, one of a kind, online workshop series for women who are tired of being so good that they aren’t having the romantic, sexy fun that they crave.  If you get uptight and nervous at the thought of even talking about sexy things, don’t worry - we are here for you.  If you grew up thinking that smart girls aren’t sexy, or that successful women shouldn’t be concerned about sex- we’ve got your back. Frankly, we’ve been there. That’s why we’re excited to show you a new, exciting, powerful way to live your best life as your best self.  

From Good Girl To Sexy Siren: Secrets to Being a Great Lover is a 4 week online workshop lead by Beth Liebling, founder/owner of Darling Way.

Each video workshop will be live on Sundays in October  from 7:00p to 9:00p (Central Time), and available after as a recording for participants to watch at their convenience.

As an added benefit and to encourage a more meaningful effect in real life, each member of the workshop series will be invited to participate in a secret Facebook group limited only to participants in this class.  In this group we will share our stories, thoughts and follow ups to discussions and address questions, concerns or issues that arise in between workshops.

Each of us is capable of being a Sexy Siren, and learning these secrets will allow you to enjoy all the Sexy Pleasure YOU Deserve and Desire!

You won’t believe how powerful you can be in the boardroom and the bedroom when you recognize and own your sexy power.  And YES!!! Everyone has sexy power, even if they try to hide it under big, baggy, ugly clothes like Beth did for years.

This workshop is for women who are tired of simply being good and feeling like they are missing passionate excitement and pleasure in their life.  After all, it is absolutely possible to

Be Good and Be Sexy!

Of course, it’s not our fault that most of us have no idea how to be Good & Sexy.  After all, we have almost no good role models and no one ever offered us classes before now.  (Wouldn’t it have helped more of us to learn this instead of Geometry???)

But, it’s never too late to teach a good woman new tricks, and these tricks are sooo much fun!!!

From Good Girl To Sexy Siren: Secrets to Being a Great Lover, will teach you to:

  • Love yourself, including all of your wonderful imperfections
  • Appreciate your body and the opportunities for exquisite sensation that it provides
  • Discover a sensual, romantic, maybe even wild spirit that you may never have even realized was hiding within you
  • Discover a world of exciting opportunities for sexual expression that you have never thought about
  • Explore new avenues for pleasure with confidence and delight
  • Feel free to decide what works for you and what doesn’t
  • (If you are partnered) Encourage your partner to accompany you on this journey of awakening without worrying about them judging you
  • (If you are solo) find courage to seek the love you want from the right partner rather than trying to settle for what’s available
  • You love yourself
  • Give and receive loving pleasure
  • Appreciate the powerful impact of true physical, emotional sexual intimacy

After all, don’t you want more love, sex and romance in your life?  Who wouldn’t???

If you are bored or aren’t really excited about your love life; if your partner is asking you to do things in bed that make you feel uncomfortable or ashamed; if you have fantasies that you are too scared to tell anyone about; if you know your sex life is fun, but nothing to brag about; or you are simply going through the motions of physical intimacy because you love your partner and are trying to take care of them even though it doesn’t really turn you on....this class is perfect for you!

Each week we will have a live call during which there will be time for questions and shares. (Don’t worry if life happens and you miss a live call, the recording will be available to you at your convenience during the month and you’ll learn just as much at your convenience.)

The “From Good Girl to Sexy Siren” program is broken into four steps which will be presented in each weekly call…

Week 1: Bringing Love and Laughter Back Together

You may not be used to talking so openly about such intimate topics, but don’t worry.  Beth’s contagious energy, passion and joy means that no matter how shy (or how old!) you are, you’ll be laughing along with her in minutes. No one enjoys talking about loving sexy fun as much as Beth, and you’ll be amazed how easy she makes it to talk about even the most sensitive issues. Her warm, non-judgemental approach creates a safe place for serious conversations and growth, but her lighthearted approach ensures that even tackling the big stuff is fun.

Week 2: Rethinking Sexy

What’s sexy to you? What does the world around you think is sexy? Do you express your sexy? Do beautiful and sexy go together? Is sexy powerful?  Is sexy shameful? Is sexy appropriate in a professional office setting? How do you switch from your take charge, successful self to your sexy romantic self? Or even harder, how do you stop being mom/wife/daughter/friend/sister and step into your sexy siren self?

Week 3: Loving Your Whole Self

If you don’t love yourself, who else will? And why should they? And how can they if you don’t know how you like to be loved? It’s impossible to love yourself emotionally if you can’t love yourself physically. Self love is key to self-empowerment and good health. Orgasms shouldn’t be optional - they are a key contributor to optimal health at every age. (They can make you look ten years younger!!!)

Week 4: Being a Sexy Siren

Wouldn’t you walk differently if you felt like a Sexy Siren?  Wouldn’t you love to feel like an incredibly desirable, lustworthy, sensual vixen all the time? No matter your romantic experience level, don’t you want more romantic excitement in your life? Can you imagine being so confident and sexy that your spouse/lover/date/admirer complains about not getting enough done at work because he was too busy daydreaming about you? Of course, while all that adoration would be lovely, the most important aspect of being a Sexy Siren is that your sexy skills will guarantee that your sexual appetite and desires are not just whetted, but satisfied, and you will walk through life with a magnetic energy that makes everything more rewarding.

Usually, the devil is in the details, but that’s not fun so we are making it as easy as possible for you to be a part of the “Sexy Siren” club. This Workshop series typically retails for $397, but Darling Way is offering an “everyone should go back to school special” for only $197. (Given the number of people who spend almost this amount of money per month on coffee, we can’t help but assure you that what you’ll gain from this class will make you way happier than any coffee possibly can!)

Class size is limited so REGISTER NOW!  

About Beth

Beth Liebling spent years working as a board-certified divorce attorney before her own divorce—after twenty-two years of marriage—led her to start thinking about sex and relationships differently.

"How can couples revive their marriage instead of end it? How can they keep laughing with each other instead of growing apart? And how much of it has to do with sex?"

Her answers to these questions led her to open Darling Way, an elegantly romantic, sexy boutique in the historic Houston Heights where she's been helping people discover sensuality and its central role in love and relationships.  Her first book, “Love and Laughter: Sexy (meaningful) Fun for Everyone” is an Amazon Best Seller, and she also hosts the radio show/podcast, "Love & Laughter with Beth" on ESPN Houston and Itunes. Now you too can share in Beth's secrets about relationships and happiness, and learn how to have more sexy, meaningful fun in your relationships and in your life.

Beth is a mother of five, a grandmother of one, and, most of all, a hopeful romantic who believes in passionate love forever—and wants to help everyone create it.

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