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His & Her Oral: The Power of Pleasing Workshop

$ 75.00

10/06/18 7:30-9:30p

For many men, receiving oral sex is dynamite. It’s one of the most enjoyable, relaxing and intensely pleasurable experiences he can have. Right?! But for many women, it’s  not always the case. It may take her longer to get comfortable with being so exposed (let’s face it, it requires a rather revealing position), and it might be hard for her to relax enough to get sexually revved up. So it’s not a surprise that 10 minutes of random kissing and licking might not be enough to actually rock her world, even if you really want to.

Pleasuring a lover orally is a highly intimate sexual act, and there are many who find it significantly more emotionally intimate than intercourse. Perhaps this is because oral sex triggers feelings of vulnerability; allowing someone to see and kiss our most personal parts can be quite emotionally intense, especially given the enormous insecurities most women bear about their bodies in general. Yet, when done with a good balance of affection and skill, it remains one of the most delightful and orgasmic ways to please a lover. Undoubtedly, learning how to enjoy oral sex fully- both the giving and receiving aspects -  can be an essential step in creating, maintaining and fostering an intense connection between you and your lover. Your sexy fun time will benefit from oral pleasure times whether you use it as a tease, a warm introduction, the climax, or quick way to say I love you. Regardless of whether it’s a tiny part, or the whole of your focus, being able to love their body while blowing their mind with your mouth is always a great skill to have.

Remember when your teachers told you there was always more you could learn? Well the good news is, they were right, even about oral sex! And you’ll be so excited for the homework assignments!

So… Are you ready to go down?? Grab your partner and join us!

“His & Her Oral: The Power of Pleasing” Workshop

Don’t just wonder how you are doing or what your partner really wants.  Beth’s warm and humorous approach to life and love will ensure that you’ll both learn some new skills, and feel comfortable sharing your questions, desires, fears and hopes about giving and receiving oral pleasure. Topics to be covered will include how and why,  hygiene concerns, ways to reduce discomfort, how different positions affect not only angles and access to sensitive spots, but also your feelings and excitement about receiving and giving. Oh and of course, the myths and realities of 69! No matter who is going down, it should feel fabulous. And for women, it can be a more reliable path to orgasm than intercourse, so let’s make sure it’s a fun one that you travel often!

Space is limited so make sure to purchase your tickets before it’s too late!

Admission: $75 per couple

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