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Oxballs Nutter Electro

$ 69.00

NUTTER ELECTRO is a fat fleshy sack covered in veins that’s designed to encase your balls and zap your sack. 

Think SACKSLING ELECTRO but with fleshier material and a tighter, more realistic nutsack design.   

Every NUTTER ELECTRO comes with two 4mm aircraft aluminum contacts for hours of nasty electro-play.

NUTTER ELECTRO is made to keep the contact points pressed securely on each nut for maximum sack shocking.

NUTTER ELECTRO is made from FLEX-TPR so it’s thick and blubbery but squishy enough to mold n’ stretch to the shape of your sack. 

Whether you have fat loose huevos or tight grapenuts, NUTTER ELECTRO’s soft material easily stretches to grip your sweaty ballbag and swollen cock.

A built-in version of our best-selling UNIT-X holds NUTTER ELECTRO tightly to your junk, even when you’re thrashing around while your nuts gets zapped…

For a really hot gear-fuck, try wearing NUTTER ELECTRO with one of our cocksheaths…your modified meat will look like one sleazy rubberized fucktoy.

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