Oxballs - Willy Rings 3 Pack

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OXBALLS WILLY RING 3-Pack super-stretch cockring is a versatile cock ring set that can be used as a single cock ring or stacked or layered.

Oxballs new super-stretch 3-pack WILLY RINGS cockrings are the perfect ring for guys that want a stretchy tight ring that will last. This is not a jelly ring, the WILLY’s last.

The OXBALLS Willy ring also stack for gradual ball stretching, so add more WILLY’S when you want more stretch—slow steady gradual stretch really works!

OXBALLS WILLY’s are 3 rings made from their toughest Flextpr™. They are the right size, the right stretch, the perfect size.

You will get a lot of wear out of WILLY.