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Pet CBD Oil | Dogs and Cats | 75MG

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King Kalm CBD Pets 75mg 1 fluid ounce bottle is made from high quality hemp derived cannabidiol and infused with omega-3 krill oil. Our furry friends have an endocannabinoid system ECS just like we do, and that means their homeostasis and overall health depends on a healthy endocannabinoid system as much as ours does. Each dose contains 5mg of CBD and cannabinoids plus balanced omega-3 omega-6 fatty acid intake is linked to improved endocannabinoid system ECS health as well as increased presence of endocannabinoid enzyme mRNA. This broad spectrum cannabinoid and terpene extract takes advantage of the entourage effect, as Green Roads pharmacist formulated CBD oil is infused with pharmaceutical grade lavender extract to boost the terpene content for flavor and wellness! These are some of King Kanine’s suggested uses for King Kalm CBD: place 0.5ml to 1ml in your pet’s mouth under the tongue or between the cheek and gum once daily. May reduce separation anxiety, fear of T-storms, etc. May cause an increase in energy/alertness. May decrease chronic pain due to inflammation, arthritis, and old age. May reduce seizure activity. Powerful antioxidant for immune health.

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