Romance Concierge - Make it Special

This Romance Concierge package consists of:

  • Initial Consultation (15 minute minimum) - Pull up a seat and let's chat for a few minutes! We want to learn about you and what your version of romance is so we can help you create a celebration worthy of the occasion. 
  •  Finding the Needle (1 hour minimum) There are thousands of ways to celebrate, but we want to find the perfect expression for you.  We specialize in creating celebrations that are meaningful, significant and personal.  We also don't believe that bigger is always better, so we don't believe that every celebration has to be showy or expensive.  Intimate and quiet celebrations are equally if not more significant sometimes.   The focus will be on your visions as we create an action plan for your special celebration including whatever details might be involved such as orchestrating the invitations, timing, flowers, preparations, reservations, locations, transportation, attire, tickets or whatever else may be relevant.  
  •  Details, Details! (30 minutes) -  If you are like us and want to go even more over the top once you start executing your action plan, we are always here for you!  We can assist with love notes/cards, meaningful gift ideas, hotel stays, etiquette, your attire or anything else to ensure that your special time lives up to your dreams.