Sexy Trivia Online Coronavirus Edition

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To help with cabin fever and allow for a little social interaction, we will be hosting a weekly online Sexy Trivia on Fridays at 9pm (Central Time)! It's a great way to have a little fun, meet some new people, and support a local business! 
We know that in these times there are a lot of people that cant afford to spend money on any non-essentials, however, we also have a great community that has asked how to support Darling Way.  So we've decided that going forward, Online Sexy Trivia will be a "pay if you can".
Tickets are $10 per person if you are able, or you can use the promo code FREETRIVIA to get a ticket FREE! Either way, we want to see you there!
Just add a ticket to your cart and checkout with your email address to receive details and the link to the live Zoom meeting that you can access from your phone or computer.  (Please have each participant register independently so we have everyone’s name.) 
Get ready for a night of sexy, smart, scandalous trivia and raucous adult entertainment! Everything, from anatomy, pop culture, erotic art, and even historical sex bloopers, are totally game. Whether you know a lot or a little about sexy stuff,  including famous lovers and porn stars, best sex scenes in movies, fetishes and fantasies, romantic moments in film, music and television, BDSM, masturbation, orgasm, pornography, you’ll be part of the fun. There’s no trivia night that compares to the fun of sexy trivia night! And covid-19 gives us a great excuse for sexy social online connection! 
Come play with us!!! (Must be over age 18!) 
We will have sexy fun prizes and tons of laughs. It’s a whole new world and we might as well make it exciting! 
Registration is your confirmation that you are over age 18.