The Ultimate Sex Book

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"Good sex consists of feeling alive and well in the brain and awake and on fire in the body. It uses technical skills as well as personal preferences. It is an art...becoming a unique and creative experience for the two people taking part." --Anne Hooper

The Ultimate Sex Book aims to make you feel alive and well in your sexual relationships. Find the answers to the twenty most-asked questions in this illustrated handbook written by noted sex therapist and best-selling author Anne Hooper. Detailed sexual exercises and positions, combined with the necessary emotional advice of an experienced therapist, provide candid, caring information to help you achieve sexual fulfillment with your partner. From the intensely emotional to the purely physical, all aspects of good sex are explored and explained with more than 300 full-color photographs taken specially for this book. For all those who can't afford private therapy or who feel shy about discussing sexual matters, this book is the key to improving relationships and generating a satisfying sex life.

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