Waspie Corset Luna - Black

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* Shorter length waspie corset which still gives you dramatic curves

* Suits most figures but can emphasise your lower stomach (which if fine if you're slender or planning to wear with full skirts, but is something to bear in mind)

* Cut higher at the back to help eliminate back squidge

* Suitable for both daily waist training and/or occasional wear

* When purchasing a corset you need accurate measurements. Please check out our ‘how to measure’ video as well as our ‘Size and Fit’ section where you’ll find all the corset measurements and spec

Size and Fit

Please check the rib and hip measurements below before ordering; we have several different corset styles available which each suit a different figure. You need to choose the corset which fits your natural measurements the closest, which might not be the style that initially catches your eye.

If you are very slender or muscular you will need to deduct 3-4 inches from your waist to determine your corset size. If you are squishier it is safe to assume that you will be able to reduce more so please take off 4-5 inches. If you are an experienced corset wearer, or sizing down, please go by your own anatomy knowledge.

The measurements below are when the corset is fully closed. At the back of your corset, we recommend leaving a gap of 3 inches, working down to 2 (so your corset has room to effectively do its shaping job).

These 2-3 inches will have to be deducted from the rib and hip measurements below, depending on the size of the gap you require i.e if you have a 36" rib measurement, you will need to go for the corset style with a 33-34" rib so this 2-3 inch gap is at the back.

Horizontal Measurements

Luna 18" ribcage-20.75"/52.5cm hip-24.5"/62.25cm

Luna 20 ribcage-22.75"/57.5cm hip-26.5"/67.5cm

Luna 22" ribcage-24.75"/63cm hip-28.5"/72.5cm

Luna 24" ribcage-26.75"/68cm hip-30.5"/77.5cm

Luna 26" ribcage-28.75"/73cm hip-32.5"/82.5cm

Luna 28" ribcage-30.75"/78cm hip-34.5"/87.5cm

Luna 30" ribcage-32.75"/83cm hip-36.5"/92.7cm

Luna 32" ribcage-34.75"/88cm hip-38.5"/97.8cm

Luna 34" ribcage-36.75"/93cm hip-40.5"/15.9cm

Vertical Measurements

Taken 3" up and 3" down from the waist

* length along busk 8"/20 cm

* centre back length 10"/24.5cm

* underbust to hip 6.5"/17 cm

* side seam from top of corset to waist 3"/8 cm

* side seam from waist to bottom 3"/8 cm