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Meet Robert and Chip

Beth founded Darling Way with the vision that sexy, fun living is for everybody and EVERY BODY! She hand-picked Robert & Chip to become the new owners because of their shared love of this vision. They are excited to grow the boutique with love, elegance, and excellent service!

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What People Are Saying About Us

They always have new items and carry a lot of European designers. Every time I go I end up finding something I absolutely love. The staff is SO friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They often offer champagne or wine for your shopping experience. Super cute!


I absolutely love this shop! The staff are knowledgeable and kind. They take the time to work with you if you have questions or leave you be if you want that too. I HIGHLY recommend it. Oh and PS, they have fun events too... I adore this place.

Shannon S.

Darling Way is one of those great shops that actually values people and relationships that you don’t see much anymore. Beth is an amazing woman with so much energy and a big heart! She really wants to help people and everyone on her staff is just as nice and helpful! A visit to Darling Way is such a great experience and you’ll definitely want to go back!

Aaron R.

It's hard to describe such a perfect place. You walk in, are welcomed like you belong here! Sharing is first. Care, being positive, laughing, and exploring all the beautiful things. Shopping isn't the most important thing in Beth's Darling Way. She wants to be sure you are part of the vision, you are comfortable, you are welcome, you are happy. When that happens, you start to look at all the things that could be in your life! Never been in a place like this and then wanted to come back! Yes, it's a store, but it is an important place!

Suzy F.

I LOVE DARLING WAY!!! They have an amazing selection of fabulous corsets, lingerie, and toys!! They have so much more! I could be in there for hours! The best, most helpful staff and they are completely ready to help in any way they can! Darling Way has exactly what you are looking for in any size!!!

Naomi G.