Live and Love Beautifully
"All, everything that I understand, I only understand because I love."
~  Leo Tolstoy


At Darling Way, we are bringing back the ideal of classic romance. We believe that true love, happy
marriages, and joyous long term relationships deserve to be celebrated with luxurious elegance.

Within the comfort of our parlor, we offer a stellar assortment of exquisite lingerie for her, sumptuous
loungewear for him, and unique romantic collectibles to create an ambiance worthy of love.

Everyone has their own romantic dreams; it is our pleasure to help our clients bring theirs to life. Our discreet,
impeccable service along with the superb quality of our specially curated inventory provides an incomparable
shopping experience for all of our guests.

Please stop by for a visit to see for yourself how beautiful true romance can be.

We are location in the heart of the Historic Houston Heights at 3423 White Oak
Open Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 7pm


ADHD Loving

January 18, 2017

It’s been many years since I realized I was ADHD, but only recently have I started recognizing how those symptoms affect my romantic relationships. I somehow missed the fact that it can be hard for someone to have a serious conversation with me because despite my desire to focus solely on the topic at hand, I can’t seem to stop my eyes from wandering the room. It can be frustrating and feel like I don’t care enough, when I fidget and fuss during important events. My excitement over meeting new people can be interpreted as inappropriate flirting; my constant interruptions as rudeness. Because those behaviors are so commonplace for me, and generally outside even my conscious awareness, I am continually...

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